Welcome to Money Honey

Money Honey is a blog designed for the first generation success story. It is a place for those of us who are the first in our families/communities to go to college, move to a new city, start a company or simply do something that we’ve never seen done before.

The goal of Money Honey is to serve as that “cool older cousin” you go to to ask questions about the following topics:

1. Money!


At the core of Money Honey is financial literacy. We want to start conversations around what it means to be financially literate and how to work towards a financial situation that we are proud of. Money Honey is different from other financial literacy blogs because we are not experts. We simply just understand that the topic is important and we want you to join us as we learn and grow. We want to talk about it and share our experiences; our successes and our failures.

2. Professional Development 


Money Honey is passionate about seeing more minorities thriving in Corporate America and successfully owning their own businesses. Whether you aspire to work for a corporation or start your own, professional development is key!

3. Living your best life


Brothers and sisters we have to live our best lives, follow our dreams and support one another while we are doing it. Money Honey will be your go to for inspiration, motivation and transparency of real life.

Money Honey will be your “cool big cousin,” and will help you on your journey to becoming a first generation success story.


See how Money Honey has already helped people!

Money Honey is my go to for all things money related: credit cards, credit scores, budgeting and traveling. After reading post published on the site, it became the reason I began to purchase flight insurance when traveling and encouraging all of my friends to do the same. It’s helped me learn how to conduct more research before I apply for credit cards, and keep my spending manageable each month. Money Honey is the finance class we all needed in high school.

Tykia M, 23

Money Honey made me realize that financial security doesn’t have to be some sort of lofty aspiration in my 20s. With a little dedication and some seriously sweet coaching, I can accomplish so much. So thankful!

Drew J, 23

Money Honey helped me when I got my first job, and I didn’t know how to budget. Her how to make a budget video helped a lot. This is something that needs to be put in a class.

Adewunmi A, 17

This video [Miami on a Budget] was extremely helpful for my trip to Miami last weekend. I took a lot of your advice.

Dionne H, 22

My bank account is on fleek thanks to Money Honey!

Tiana B, 24

Khadija Bingham
CEO / Owner

As you can see in the picture above, I am an overly excited human being.


My name is Khadija and I am fortunate enough to be the creator of Money Honey. I am a graduate of the AMAZING Pennsylvania State University, where I studied finance and accounting.


I was born in Philadelphia, but my family now lives in a small town right outside the city. After college I was brave enough to go where I felt God was calling me, and I now live in Brooklyn where I am working towards living my absolute best life.

My Obsessions

  • Natural Hair
  • Good People
  • Good Music
  • Improvement
  • Supporting People

My Fears

  •  A Lot of Shit
  • But, Hey “Let Your Faith be Bigger Than Your Fears”

My Guilty Pleasures

  • Instagram. I LOVE INSTAGRAM!
  • Pizza! If I Could Eat Pizza All Day, and Have My Dream Body, I Would!