This month we are focusing on saving money! Join the #MH challenge and save money the best way we know how, by meal prepping! We love meal prepping because it’s a huge money saver, it’s a great way to eat healthy and it saves a ton of time throughout the week!


For the first time this year, join the challenge and enter to win a prize! For all participants in this month’s challenge, we will be giving away 5 meals from @lsj_meals or a Hello Fresh gift card! Head to our Instagram page for details on how to win one of these prizes!

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What is the #MHChallenge?

Money Honey Challenges are monthly challenges designed to provide a support system for individuals as they do different things to improve their lives in one of the Money Honey three themes (money, professional development and living your best life). Things like setting goals, making sacrifices to save and working out are a lot easier if you have a group of people participating with you. Join the challenge to be encouraged by others and to encourage others! O yeah, and if there are any challenges you want to see, use the form below to let us know!

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